Friday, February 28, 2014

S P R I N G fever

Yes I think I have a fever.  On these beautiful days when the sun is shining I can feel the healing of spring upon us.  The first site of buds on the trees and bushes is so sweet.  Our gardens are so bare and dark and mushy we are ready to welcome life and color.

I am inspired to try my hand at flower crowns.  I love to wear flowers in my hair and I have found so many incredible images of impeccable floral crowns that honestly create a sense of excitement and joy. From natural and woodsy to avant garde and extraordinary.

" Let us dance in the sun wearing wild flowers in our hair."

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


We are anxiously waiting for our littles arrival.  I thought he may have come on Sunday but here we are  on Thursday and he is still all cozy inside.  I am practicing patience and calmness but honestly some moments I am downright cranky.  My body is doing lots of work I can feel it all in and out and around my belly. So many movements and positions are near impossible for me now.  I am so challenged by the limitations on me physically. It is such a time of personal strength and vulnerability all hand in hand.    Such a rich, raw moment in time. I try to remind myself of this often as I try to joyfully embrace each and every moment. Our perfect little fella will be in our arms so very soon.

Monday, February 17, 2014


Meet Vanessa Mooney, have a look into what has inspired her jewelry design along the way and enjoy a peek behind the scenes of VM headquarters.

VM: "The future is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists."

Thursday, January 16, 2014

my favorite work of art

My children are in fact my favorite things I have created... by far. Though they have their own strong personalities and often times in a day I am challenged by them and their intense independence, or lack there of, they still remain my most prized art I have yet to create.  And here I am only about 6 weeks left till I welcome #3. Another sweet boy will be among us.

We are preparing for a lovely home birth. Which will have allowed me experience with many ways of birthing. Baby #1 was born in the hospital, I was induced, had my water broke and still had a drug free labor that I can say was as pleasant as can be. Baby #2 was born at the birth center, I showed up 5cm dilated and he was born 1.5 hours later, rather quick, of course intense, but so beautiful. And now baby #3 will be born at home, in the same room where he was made he will be introduced to this world, surrounded by loved ones eagerly anticipating seeing his sweet face for the very first time.

I love childbirth! There is something so magical about witnessing your body conquer this great task of nature and how it in fact knows exactly what to do to get the job done. You just need to truly trust in the power of your body and let it do its work. Believe in yourself and empower your body with positive thoughts of opening and letting go in surrender to its divinity. Witness the magic happen then be in blissful awe and true joy as you hold your brand new tiny human creation.  Stunning!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

bayou boho jewels

Brass, gold, copper, lapis and turquoise oh my! Stay warm with some lovely new jewels.  Find new pieces in my SHOP with more to come real soon.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sweet Dreams Bella

I am quite pleased with how this lovely gift turned out.  One of my oldest, dearest friends asked me to make a dreamcatcher for her to give as a Christmas gift. It is for her tween niece who sometimes has bad dreams. This beauty will help to make little Bella's dreams a whole lot sweeter and is the perfect adornment for her 'big girl' room.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bayou Boho jewels are Dallas bound

I am super excited to be branching out to the Dallas market.  I am so grateful for the Hemline stores. Hemline Lafayette's lovely ladies are so good to me and my creations are a favorite of their customer which feels real nice. I am looking forward to the Hemline Dallas shopper taking a liking to my work as well...

If you are in the Dallas area they are located at 4439 Lovers Lane, stop by and say hi.

Friday, December 6, 2013

the process of creation

Hello trimester 3. The process of creation is such an incredible journey. Three months to go. I am grateful to say that things are going very smoothly (except for those couple of months in the beginning that ran me ragged). Seeing and feeling the obvious growth of human life inside of me is such an amazement and a joy. True magic.  I love witnessing my sweet hubby as he is fascinated by his child growing inside of my belly and my two littles are so intrigued and excited to welcome their baby brother. We are blissful with love and happiness to meet this little fella.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Enjoy 40% off 11/28 thru 12/2 in my SHOP online only. All in the spirit of gratitude.
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

an Edenic life

I could not resist the urge to share the beauty of this handmade oasis.  So amazing the things we can nearly single-handedly accomplish when we are inspired and filled with passion.

What a lovely bohemian botanical home in L.A. where this artist/musician made the best of limited space she shares with her mother. With her use of scrap materials she collected from friends and secondhand sources she has created an amazing space that is surrounded by the beauty of plants. "An almost Edenic domestic life".

Find more great pics HERE
Find the full interview HERE is an inspirational must read!!
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