Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

fine art & portrait painting

a few of my favorites


my hubby

Kaya - 3 years old

i have been anticipating the launch of this
a place to view the exquisite paintings of my dear mother-in-law

i feel each piece is a stunning masterpiece
 incredible work with a paintbrush
i think you will undoubtedly agree 

find more here

 i feel truly blessed to be surrounded by family and friends with great talent
as this new year quickly approaches my spirit is already feeling refreshed and open to new beginnings
it's such a perfect time to start something you have been meaning to do
or to make a change in that direction
 i really like how this time of year feels
though i usually feel a little sadness in my heart and reservation to welcoming change
i most often enjoy the outcome and through the acceptance i bloom

may you find your courage to make a step in that direction
whatever direction that maybe and however big the step is

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

even Dakota likes...

how i love etsy
and the oppurtunity it offers for my creations to travel to places i have yet to visit
while making connections and meeting kind folks whom i may never actually see
this here is a sweet doggie who lives in the big city NYC
his mommy is quite fond of the hoody scarf and so is he
they are very pleased with how warm and cozy it keeps them 
while being easy to wear without all the loose ends
she just sent me this very sweet picture
this makes me smile real big
>>> warming hearts and souls <<<

Saturday, December 24, 2011

feels like Christmas

found here

i just really like the construction of this cozy looking home 
with the wreath on the front door, the naked trees and the falling snow
it feels very Christmas to me
 a simple country Christmas

"later on we'll conspire as we drink by the fire"

Thursday, December 22, 2011

adornment is human

LaceyDU whom i have mentioned before here
is now available at Hemline a local retail boutique

it was my pleasure to take the morning off from being mama 
and pop in to show my support for my fellow boho
bonus... i was lucky enough to share brunch with one of my favorite couples in from the west coast

< note > i have so much to learn about my fancy camera (and no i did not just get it)
i almost feel silly when i consider how much talented photography comes from two of my in-laws
but i also feel like i am discovering my own style working with the imperfections ???
you can check out my in-laws work behind the lens here and here
they certainly know how to work their camera's :)

more festive fun with friends

good friends gather from near and far
bring us all together and silliness overflows

this was our first 'tacky sweater party'
we're pretty good at tacky :)
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