Wednesday, December 14, 2011

a great source of inspiration

there is so much about this image that i adore
visit here for much more beautiful and inspiring work

i have been a bit un-creative lately
taking a little break
its definitely not something you can force ya know
when its good its good and when its gone its gone
but i tell ya clicking around and seeing the amazing, breathtaking work of these inspiring women
helps to get the creative energy a flowin'
tooled leather, turquoise, feathers, sage, flowy fabrics and cowboy boots
there is a handful of Aussie beauties that inspire a very wild and free nature that speaks to my spirit
places here in the web world i seem to visit often 
that never fail to get my heart racing 
places and pictures that can motivate my whole day
inspiration is great like that
you can see something that triggers a signal and gets ya creatin'
with the outcome only barely resembling what led you there
>>> inspiration IS a driving force indeed <<<

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