Friday, September 30, 2011

get the look :: vintage high waist skirt

found here

shop here

dreaming of a farmhouse table

I took the first two pictures at our local cultural center

others found here

presently we have a round table and very limited space
 I look forward to the rectangular shape
I feel like it will definitely fit better creating more space in the room
while giving more table top space and allowing more chairs
it's like double the goodness
I find it interesting how we can have a bigger table that takes up less space but its true
and of course I am excited about a more rustic look
my hubby is going to make us day
hopefully soon :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

the natural workshop

embracing the divine secrets of nature
on an open fire in our backyard
in a beautiful copper still

my hubby just distilled another batch of local Cypress
and for the first time he distilled a batch of Eucalyptus from our neighbors cracked, falling tree
the air surrounding the area smelled so healing and refreshing
I think that might be my favorite part

visit here and here for a little more

we would like to have a selection of scents and spritzers available online soon
until then if you have a special interest and would like to purchase a handcrafted homemade blend
just send me an email to
if you are local to our area you can find us at the bayouBAZAAR
next Friday October 7th from 6-9pm

wild spirit >>>

for your wild side

wild (adj) : occurring, growing or living in a natural state

gathered, deconstructed and now relocating

the seaside dreams necklace is island bound
on its way to Australia 
thanks to etsy
and one sweet gal who supports my creative journey

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

time for peace

a sleeping baby = time for peace

last week I had some overwhelming days 
my lil' man was a lil' too much for me to handle
he is almost always up before the sun
he is always into everything and quite a handful actually
but usually juggling his demanding ways with my to-dos just happens rather naturally
but not last week

I honor and cherish quiet time (nap time)
it's time spent in complete silence doing whatever calls my attention
I move about the house stealth like making the least amount of noise possible
from the gentle step in my walk not to creak the old wooden floors too loudly
to the gentle opening and closing of doors
it's a tranquil time
an odd sort of meditation
to practice silence has a positive affect on my spirit
something I am becoming more and more aware of especially lately

I take toddler boy nap time very seriously (big smile)

I hope your day finds you time for peace 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

out for a cause

we ladies of bohoMERCANTILE went out for a cause this past Saturday
it had been quite some time since my hubby and I went out to the bars and now I know why...
though the night was a success and I am pleased with the turnout
I am very happy with the response I received from those really interested
 in what I have been busy creating
that is such a great feeling
and it is always a pleasure to visit and laugh with my soul sisters

now its time to get serious :)
and prepare for the October bayouBAZAAR
its less than two weeks away and this one should be a real good time
minus the midnight at the bar drunken obnoxiousness
creating havoc on our displays and even some minor shoplifting 

may your day find you drunk with creativity and laughter
time to create and time to be thankful

thanks for the love

featured here

thanks Desha for your sincere appreciation

Monday, September 26, 2011

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