Wednesday, September 28, 2011

time for peace

a sleeping baby = time for peace

last week I had some overwhelming days 
my lil' man was a lil' too much for me to handle
he is almost always up before the sun
he is always into everything and quite a handful actually
but usually juggling his demanding ways with my to-dos just happens rather naturally
but not last week

I honor and cherish quiet time (nap time)
it's time spent in complete silence doing whatever calls my attention
I move about the house stealth like making the least amount of noise possible
from the gentle step in my walk not to creak the old wooden floors too loudly
to the gentle opening and closing of doors
it's a tranquil time
an odd sort of meditation
to practice silence has a positive affect on my spirit
something I am becoming more and more aware of especially lately

I take toddler boy nap time very seriously (big smile)

I hope your day finds you time for peace 

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