Thursday, September 8, 2011

starring ME take 1

I sit in silent contemplation
reflecting on what my heart is feeling and has been feeling
I enjoy these moments of calm
time taken to look inside, to feel, to inquire within
to know of no disruptions
the sounds of the day living outside is no bother
it enhances my quiet space protected by the walls of our home
this time brings peace and some much needed tranquility
that a wife and mother of two can never have too much of
how trying the juggling act can be
a real test of nerve and will on a daily, even hourly basis
the day to day happenings are taking me through
but I have been quite disconnected from who I truly am
caught in a cycle focused on all those things that are exhausting my spirit
I want to move past ALL of the frustration and aggravation
I will take the opinions I do not see as truth as learning
for I am not 'that' though I am 'this'
my truth is what's real
I want my power back but actually I want my power that I have yet to know
I have my struggles
those that have been with me longer than some of my oldest friends
they still effect me 
I am ready to move past these mountains
I feel like I know why they are here and I know what caused them
now let me climb that mountain and be done with it
from the top I will fly
soar with my true spirit being the air that empowers my flight

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