Tuesday, September 27, 2011

out for a cause

we ladies of bohoMERCANTILE went out for a cause this past Saturday
it had been quite some time since my hubby and I went out to the bars and now I know why...
though the night was a success and I am pleased with the turnout
I am very happy with the response I received from those really interested
 in what I have been busy creating
that is such a great feeling
and it is always a pleasure to visit and laugh with my soul sisters

now its time to get serious :)
and prepare for the October bayouBAZAAR
its less than two weeks away and this one should be a real good time
minus the midnight at the bar drunken obnoxiousness
creating havoc on our displays and even some minor shoplifting 

may your day find you drunk with creativity and laughter
time to create and time to be thankful

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