Friday, September 23, 2011

women unite and retreat to celebrate creativity and each other

found here
Squam art workshops in the woods of New Hampshire

a retreat that celebrates craft and the power of the woman
nurturing instincts and expanding creativity
I look forward to the experience of one sometime soon
in a beautiful lodge nestled in the woods or seaside on the edge of land
yummy soul food to feed my spirit

serendipity retreats *nurturing the playful and the sacred on the coast of North Carolina
sounds like something I need to do

or maybe something a little more realistic and affordable to get started and feed my craving
whenever I can wherever I am
this one sounds real appealing right about now

what a pleasure to visit new places among our homeland and within myself
meeting new women who share a passion to create
I feel like it would be an empowering learning and growing experience
of self disovery
to create
a better ME

1 comment:

  1. SouLodge was great, you will love it! I'd really like to make it to Squam someday as well.


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