Thursday, December 19, 2013

bayou boho jewels

Brass, gold, copper, lapis and turquoise oh my! Stay warm with some lovely new jewels.  Find new pieces in my SHOP with more to come real soon.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sweet Dreams Bella

I am quite pleased with how this lovely gift turned out.  One of my oldest, dearest friends asked me to make a dreamcatcher for her to give as a Christmas gift. It is for her tween niece who sometimes has bad dreams. This beauty will help to make little Bella's dreams a whole lot sweeter and is the perfect adornment for her 'big girl' room.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bayou Boho jewels are Dallas bound

I am super excited to be branching out to the Dallas market.  I am so grateful for the Hemline stores. Hemline Lafayette's lovely ladies are so good to me and my creations are a favorite of their customer which feels real nice. I am looking forward to the Hemline Dallas shopper taking a liking to my work as well...

If you are in the Dallas area they are located at 4439 Lovers Lane, stop by and say hi.

Friday, December 6, 2013

the process of creation

Hello trimester 3. The process of creation is such an incredible journey. Three months to go. I am grateful to say that things are going very smoothly (except for those couple of months in the beginning that ran me ragged). Seeing and feeling the obvious growth of human life inside of me is such an amazement and a joy. True magic.  I love witnessing my sweet hubby as he is fascinated by his child growing inside of my belly and my two littles are so intrigued and excited to welcome their baby brother. We are blissful with love and happiness to meet this little fella.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Enjoy 40% off 11/28 thru 12/2 in my SHOP online only. All in the spirit of gratitude.
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

an Edenic life

I could not resist the urge to share the beauty of this handmade oasis.  So amazing the things we can nearly single-handedly accomplish when we are inspired and filled with passion.

What a lovely bohemian botanical home in L.A. where this artist/musician made the best of limited space she shares with her mother. With her use of scrap materials she collected from friends and secondhand sources she has created an amazing space that is surrounded by the beauty of plants. "An almost Edenic domestic life".

Find more great pics HERE
Find the full interview HERE is an inspirational must read!!

Monday, September 30, 2013

New. New. New. In the shop.

I have been making up for lost time. In my humble studio and my online presence.  I have many new items up for sell in my shop. And I am offering free shipping in the U.S. too.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

outlaw : a bayou bohemian collection

Primal + Delicate
Outlaw :  rebellious and unconventional.
Inspired by the outlaw diggers passion for the stories of treasure hidden below the earths surface, buried artifacts, history of a culture and the wild west.
A collection of spearpoints, arrowheads, and preforms from thousands of years ago to present.
Elk antlers from the coast of Northern California where the ancient Redwoods meet the cold pacific.
Snake bone from where they raise snakes for the venom, just helping put all of the snake to good use.
Lots of Turquoise, always Turquoise.
Gold and gold leaf for the gold rush.
Now available HERE.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

oh what a summer...

Over the last couple of months I have been here and there, down south, out west but mostly under a rock. I have been hibernating in this time called the 1st trimester. Some of you may be familiar with that particular time in a woman's life. That time when you are blessed with the magic of creating a life inside. That time when, if you are so lucky, you feel like you have the flu for nearly 8 weeks straight. You feel like you may never be your healthy, vibrant, motivated self again. That time when your energy is so low and you are so wholly and completely filled with nausea that you can barely function. Well, thats what I was doing with my time under a rock.

You see I planned this lengthy, adventure packed trip for my family and I to hit the west coast and make memories for the month of July. Just before (like less then a week) departing on said adventure I found out I was pregnant.  Which is blessed news of course. We are thrilled to be welcoming another love-made human critter into our hearts.  BUT with said news that meant I spent our 'adventure' filled month struggling and dragging myself along. I was often times a couch ornament. A little disappointing for my previous expectations but I have to say that I honestly have so much gratitude for the trip because it allowed my kiddos a summer full of west coast, redwood forest, jewel toned river MEMORIES.
Now at 14 weeks (today) I finally feel like I am coming back alive. Slowly becoming my good ole' self again + one healthy, perfect naval orange sized baby growing within. So after my absence and inactivity I am feeling inspired to jump back into this here journal of mine and share some of our summer's adventure.

The plan was to fly into San Francisco, pick up our rental car and head east making a few stops along the way over about a weeks time before heading northwest...but a little accident at the SF international airport happened only hours before our plane was headed to land at said airport. So after deliberation of our options we chose to fly into San Diego. This would get us the closest to our original plan the soonest but added about 12 hours more driving time to the agenda. Honestly, it was a sweet surprise to be able to see dear friends in So Cal that we would not have other wise crossed paths with on our journey.  While driving north to SF we made our way through LA as quickly as possible. We made no stops before or just after that city until we were far clear of the deadlock traffic that LA is known for.  We made it through... with only one bag full of barf to dispose of at the first safe place to stop way passed any threat of dreaded traffic.  We were determined.

As sunset approached we stopped in the quaint little town of Morro Bay for the night. The next day before continuing on the road again we took a nice walk along the beach where we collected 17 sand dollars and made some small sea creature friends.

At the beginning of the trip sweet lil Sage had such trouble leaving places and often times even arriving.  Of course we stopped along the PCH many times to see the sights and every time he struggled with leaving and would throw a fit with lots of crying.  We would tell him we had lots more adventure ahead and would mention our next destination and he would yell how much he did not want to go to said place.  Then we arrived and would later leave again where he would throw his crying fit because he didn't want to go only to be told of our next adventure and he was sure to let us know he did not want to go there. Over and over again...
Here's him struggling with having to leave his new found friend (pictured above) behind.
We made it through the heart break and we continued our journey north.  Since we were all adjusting, barely 2 days in I was feeling so drained already unfortunately I did not take out my camera as much as I would have liked. Also because the phone is such a convenient camera these days with the satisfaction of instagram I often opted for that route. So... I will include many of those great insta pics of our adventure soon. Plus more of our magical sea creature, ancient forest filled journey to be continued...

Monday, June 24, 2013

the Super Moon

Here is an incredible picture taken by a friend of mine. In his words "his attempt at the super moon" I will say it is a pretty flawless attempt.  I am left fascinated in its beauty.  Find more of Tristan's photography here.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Her photography is breathtaking. Emotion provoking. Spirit invoking.  I like what she has done with paint on her original photos. I especially like the horse. A click around her online presence and I am left inspired yet again.

Alexandra Valenti  website // shop

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"honor the spiritual fire"'s time for family and fun in the sun. It is when the days are longer than the nights and overall there is more LIGHT. As you celebrate and honor the light of the sun, honor Your Light within!
Here are some words from Mystic Mama...

She shares many great ideas of special things you can do to celebrate in honor... click here

Summer Solstice is Friday June 21
... Happy Solstice ...

Note // I have recently fallen in love with the insight and wisdom I am finding upon the pages of Mystic Mama, I hope you find inspiration their too.

Friday, June 14, 2013

California Dreaming

Northern California here we come!!!! The tickets are purchased and we are headed to Cali for a family road trip. We will visit family and friends that are pretty much family. I am so heavenly excited to be taking this long awaited adventure with my hubby and our littles. I have dreamed of this trip. I love that part of the country. Majestic forests of gigantic old growth trees. Crystal clear flowing rivers for cleansing the spirit. Winding roads for daydreaming. Progressive minds and alternative lifestyles. We are going even beyond where I have been before, we will be heading north along the coast to Portland, OR. Maybe even hitting up a festival I have dreamed of attending for many years. 

Dreams do come true folks though it often takes courage to follow them through.  I say this from personal experience. I have dealt with many feelings of doubt and fear, feelings that are not completely invisible even yet but I am/will overcome those feelings of self suppression. I am pushing aside the barriers of my daily  trivial self and I am taking the plunge into the dream.  If I can do it You can do it...

Here's to making our dreams our reality!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I feel like I am in the mist of many new things. Breaking through barriers of mySelf.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

another year of dance

What a pleasure it is to watch my little girl develop as a dancer. Her technique and her extension and charisma is so great. She really enjoys it and to watch that makes me happy. Sincere joy.  I was actually in tears during her dress rehearsal ballet performance. Filled to tears with love and happiness. What a great feeling.

Monday, June 3, 2013

summer chillin'

School ended and we headed straight to the sand and the surf. We were in a hurry to begin our summer break. I feel it is a perfect kickstart to summer when we get sun-kissed with our feet buried deep in the sand while listening to the waves crash ashore. And a dip in the pool is always refreshing. We all enjoy slow walks on the beach treasure hunting and chasing tiny crabs. Our little man is so at peace just digging for hours that it's incredibly peaceful for me, I am not having to talk him down from high in trees or any other concerning activity. We just sit quietly each doing our own thing. Only a couple of days we had but we truly relaxed and left refreshed, ready (or maybe not so) to get back home and back to it.

Friday, May 24, 2013

the way of the heart

It has been quiet on these pages lately but that is not the case between these walls and beyond. I have been busy tending to my family, my home, my garden and some special projects. While always trying to squeeze in time to create. I haven't picked up my camera in literally months I think.

Summer break from school is so close I can barely keep going on with the mundane routine of it all. I am ready for the break. Which of course means our home will be full with kiddos and kiddos stuff and kiddos imagination and kiddos play. I am ready for no more school morning wake ups, no more homework, no more dance drop-off and pick-up, no more piano lesson scrambles.  Now here is the time I like the change-up of routines.

Ahhhhh. What a relief these warmest months bring.

On another note I have noticed lately that I have been living by a theme word for the last couple of months. A single word that has been felt strongly in my heart, while floating about my mind in my day to day tending-tos.  It first began for me with the word Trust. I spent days even weeks reflecting on what that meant to me in my life and how I may nurture myself to be better at it. How by understanding Trust and removing any blocks I may have to it creates more of a feeling of space and freedom in my life.  Then my theme moved into the word Gentleness. As I reflected on this word and tried to practice Gentleness with myself and with others I noticed how I was more patient and less easily irritated and frustrated. By practicing Gentleness I also noticed that I was less reactive and was better able to remain calm and gentle when daily life felt like a 'storm'. Then my theme moved into Courage. This is where I am today. To sum up what I have come to discover so far about courage is that to be courageous is to live from the heart. "The way of the heart is the way of courage. It is to live in love and trust, it is to move in the unknown. ...The head is the businessman. The head always calculates."(Osho) Osho also mentions that Courage is not fearlessness it is in fact the total presence of fear with the Courage to face it. He also adds that we need Courage to be truthful, to love, to trust, to inquire into reality. Courage comes first and everything else follows.

I believe there is something about all of this that is bringing me peace of mind, peace at heart.  It's a bit of a relief in itself.  A treasure of empowerment. The way of the heart.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Simple. Tribal. Feminine.

I really love the simple touches. There is something so feminine about a great earring. The tribal elements always standout to me and inspire me.  I am always drawn to vintage chain and findings with a story, that have been around for decades and now they can make a new appearance, a new beginning.
These lovely earrings are simple yet bold while being the best of both and authentic Bayou Bohemian.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

this boy...

This boy keeps me laughing. He keeps me too busy to do much else these days. He melts my heart at least once a day. He is something special. He is full of personality. He is full of energy. He is full of Please + Thank You. So much life in this creation of ours named Sage.

1. This pic was taken just before he unbuttoned his shirt and wore it like that the rest of the day, hat and all. His poppa took him to the store and he said the ladies were just melting. Uh yeah, he's something else.
2. A little bit of make do gymnastics.  His pop Jim was telling me that at the garden days before he found him in that position but his shoe was stuck and he was hanging there upside down and he said "uh pop Jim can you help me".
3. He IS wearing pants here...on his head. My silly little man.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

talisman. lucky charms. folklore.

 A little something I've been doing.  I like these folkloric lucky charm necklaces. A talisman to be worn around your neck with simple treasures, some having ancient traditions in some cultures. Feathers to represent freedom and traveling along your right path. Tibetan prayers held sacred to some.  Buffalo and wolf teeth believed to protect from harm while holding respect for these incredible creatures.  Quartz crystal points full of power and energy, a symbol of a new age.

It is this sort of creation that is authentic Bayou Bohemian.  I am so intrigued by many different cultures and their ancient traditions.  I respect that indigenous peoples believe so whole heartedly in their specific traditions and this to me carries with it so much power. So much beauty in the folklore that lives on even after people pass. Worn as timeless adornment.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a festival family.

Our favorite festival has come and gone. We spent 3 whole days celebrating world music and good friends who travel the distance back home to enjoy our hometown's incredible Festival International de Louisiane.  This year we did not have the luxury of a sitter for the kids when we were ready to take to the streets solo. I was a bit disappointed at first. You see we always take them to enjoy much of the festivities but we also usually leave them with the in-laws in the evenings so we can hit the crowds with out them and all the stuff in tow. This year was different for reasons beyond our control but I have to say having our kiddos with us the whole time wasn't so bad and we didn't have to cut short any of our time spent enjoying the event.  On Saturday we spent a full 12 hours out in it, listening to music, walking from stage to stage back and forth across downtown Lafayette, fighting crowds that sometimes seemed to thick for my liking and hanging with dear friends. We were out till near midnight and my two troopers never once complained, not once. On Sunday morning before I arose from bed to get right back into the festival spirit for the final day of fun I reflected on the previous day and how pleasant my littles had been. I called them both into my room and thanked them for being so great. Then we put on our festive duds and set out to conquer another day of the most awesome festival while hanging with some of the greatest friends.   We closed the festival out with The Wailers and we made it home in time for bedtime.
this was taken near midnight only minutes before they fell asleep in the sweet

I guess I raised 'em well and it makes me happy to know they are making memories and just maybe the festival will be an important part of their life too when they get older.  I'm pretty sure of it.

Till next year...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

gypset pachamama

Here is a bold bright lookbook with all the colors of spring and summer. Another Aussie delight, Camilla, I found here.   A gypsy soul rooted in the beauties of our one mother nature. So much color and pattern I can hear the stories of many tribal cultures from South America to Africa.  I really resonate with this sort of design that infuses traditions that span the globe. The most colorful of tribes rich with belief and folklore.

I have to say the little one in the hat in the first image resembles my little Sage quite a bit.

Pachamama is usually translated as Mother Earth, but a more literal translation would be "Mother world". Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andean mountain ranges, the former Inca Empire, stretching from present day Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile and northern Argentina. 

note // I am inspired.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

creating with emotion + love as motivation

"Being the new voice that creates with emotion rather than technical expertise is scary but invigorating."

To create with emotion not technical expertise and to be receiving work from some of great commercial companies W.O.W. !!!! I love this !!!!
'work for imogene + willie'
'work for imogene + willie'
'work for lands end'

"Love has always been my main motivation, not a career. Whether it is love for a person, place, or opportunity. I have moved for all of these things and have no regrets for taking risks."

These words are beautiful! I absolutely resonate with this Love Motivation. To hear it put so matter of fact with such confidence just makes it feel alright even though it may be going against the grain of mainstream and how we have been trained in society. Honestly stunning!

Find the full article on this lovely lady on industry of one an incredible sight of one (wo)man shows. Also find more of her incredible work with a camera here + on her blog.


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