Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some of my favorites

One of my recent favorite blogs to visit is enhabiten. I just find myself filled with interest and inspiration when scrolling through her images of a primitive lifestyle. Like these simple, old, handmade, rustic lived-in homes.

j. morgan puett
I have seen this artist before and was intrigued by the natural wildness, the simple old worldness, the organic rawness. There is just something about it all that is so inviting to me! Enhabiten has brought j. morgan puett back to me, give her website a visit.

The above is a collaboration of enhabiten and another of my favorites forestbound. This is just a few images from a booth they have set up together at Renegade, a yearly craft fair in Brooklyn. I love the use of old medicine bottles and all the old wood displays. Ideas of recycling something old to create something beautiful are filling my mind. Plus, all of forestbound's bags and jewelry are mostly recycled with a history. She has a strongly primitive style with rustic, utilitarian influences and I LOVE it!

*I have only posted a couple of many images, click around for your own inspiration*
You can visit and/or shop them at: OR OR

Monday, June 28, 2010

Backyard Retreat

These are just a few images that inspire me to go outdoors to work on creating my very own backyard retreat! And thankfully so yesterday I did lots of much needed rearranging, cleaning, and purging. A perfect way to spend a Sunday. Our backyard has lots of potential but needs some love and attention. Seeing beautiful photos of design and decoration inspire me to organize, design and decorate.

I am sure I will post on backyard retreats again and again as images of interest and inspiration reveal themselves.

our handmade tiny home

They also inspire a post on tiny homes! I actually live in a tiny backyard home with my husband and two kids. I always enjoy seeing tiny homes. Sometimes sharing such a small space can be overwhelming it is nice to be reminded how special it is to have one of our very own. I will post pictures of our own tiny home and interesting backyard one day, hopefully soon! We have a handmade greenhouse in the works right now. Made of old windows and recycled wood. be continued

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Retro roadtrip

What better to inspire in summer time then hitting the road for an vintage style of course!

About 2 years ago we were given a 1972 (we think) Shasta mini camper. We have done minimal work on it and there is lots more to do. It functions for sleeping its quite comfy and definitely cozy. Its not street legal, the stove does not work, and it needs some ceiling and cabinet work but that's all on the list. After seeing all the fabulous things done to similar mini campers I am INSPIRED...of course!

This image calls to me! Its old world, vintage, romantic.

This is our very own. It needs some lovin!

I have never seen such a thing but hey its good for you and good for the environment.

mobile HOME


This above photo and the 3 below are from taken by Hilary Walker

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Defining Beautiful

adj. 1. having qualities that delight the senses. 2. applies to whatever excites the keenest of pleasure or stirs emotion through the senses.

When defining beautiful one person who comes to my mind is sweet Ashana. Besides her breathtaking outer beauty her bountiful talents and her inner radiance are delightful. Reading through her endearing words uplifts my spirit with a gentle touch, like a firefly in the night. I embrace the soulful spirit that her words, images, music, and scents reflect while my heart and mind wonder to a light, magical, happy place.

Ashana inspires gentleness and daydreams. Her music soothes, her scents refresh, her words inspire. My emotions are stirred, my senses are delighted.

Ashana is the wife of a very dear friend of mine. Unfortunetly though, I have not had the oppurtunity to spend much time with her YET!

Experience beautiful and visit Ashana at or

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Simply sweet...

I just love what is doing with the small floral print fabric. I am always inspired by the calico cotton and the Liberty of London floral fabrics. There is something so Little House on the Prairie about it and I love the simple farm life images that it brings to mind. My mind is overflowing with inspired thoughts. Thoughts of lantern light, small wood homes, horse drawn carriages and mothers in long cotton floral dresses with aprons draped over to protect it from their hard days work. I love the idea of working outside in a dress and always wearing an apron. I have a special collection of vintage aprons and unfortunately I never seem to remember to put one on.

Click on link or image above! And thanks to for introducing me!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Virtually friends

I have noticed that I have spent a lot of time over the last few years reading and browsing blogs. I could no longer resist the inspiration to create my own with images of intrigue and interest that are close to my heart or have some sort of affect on me. I find it quite enjoyable to come across someone or someplace special that inspires me and gets my creativity flowing all from the comfort and convenience of my own home. While my 7 month old son crawls throughout our tiny shared space I can have an eye on him while 'working' on something for myself. For me it is much easier to be pulled from the computer screen over and over again than to be pulled from a fabric or jewelry project when supplies are lying all about and you need to pick up so he doesn't get into it but you haven't even really started yet. Which would not necessarily be the case if I had an actual work space but as I mentioned our lovely home is quite tiny and most space is shared space. Of course going outdoors is always nice but this time of year in our lush, shady sanctuary under the majestic live oaks I really feel like I live IN the swamp not just near it. Where one might melt in the heat and humidity and the little ones might get carried away by mosquitoes. So as of this 2nd week of June 2010 this here blog has become a much needed creative outlet for me. It seems as though I need to be creating something to feel fulfilled this is why inspiration is so important to me. Inspiration is to my spirit what air is to my lungs, what blood is to my heart.
I would like to introduce you to some of my new found friends please few the linked words throughout this post as well as my inspired by gadget down to your right. Well, ok I actually have never 'officially' met them but I am inspired and intrigued by their blogs, their words from their heart and their captured moments in time that reflect those words. It astonishing how many unknown, never met, virtual friends I have out there. I am enlightened by these women a lot of them mothers. From a few clicks of the mouse I find common interest, similar dreams, new 'friends'. Someone or someplace I might turn when I find myself in a moment of longing. Someone or someplace that lifts my spirit by showering me with creativity and inspiration. From fashion and design to farm life and motherhood, I am just one click away from all the inspiration one spirit can handle...well maybe not ALL! Thank you 'friends' for inspiring me to write, photograph, sew, garden, mother, CREATE!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Made by hand

Handmade homes are close to our heart, they speak to our soul, they are in our dreams. This is a topic I will reflect on again and again.
Just a short drive east on I-10 in Henderson, La, a small town with a strong Cajun culture and deep roots to the bayou, is where you can find this wonderful eclectic home that rests near a beautiful lush pond on over 6 acres.
My husband and I are inspired by this interesting, non traditional handmade home built in early 1800. The timber frame, the old world, primitive, artistic style, the amazing, lush pond. It is so similar to what we will soon create for ourselves, our family.

This place could be here to learn more!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The gardens gifts...

I have a new found interest in taking photographs of fruits, veggies and gardens in general. Flowers have always made my heart smile but now the edibles have been catching my eye. This baby cucumber is one of my favorites.

Monday, June 14, 2010

La Bon Vie

One of my mother's many swings, she has several scattered about the trees. She loves to sit by the river in complete silence, it is her spirits medicine. Recently she had become seriously ill and was put into a coma to allow her body to heal and rest. She is now recovering and she is in good spirits. We are so incredibly thankful to have her in our lives!

'The Bungalow' a cozy haven away from home, where my mom enjoys spending most of her time off.
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