Monday, June 28, 2010

Backyard Retreat

These are just a few images that inspire me to go outdoors to work on creating my very own backyard retreat! And thankfully so yesterday I did lots of much needed rearranging, cleaning, and purging. A perfect way to spend a Sunday. Our backyard has lots of potential but needs some love and attention. Seeing beautiful photos of design and decoration inspire me to organize, design and decorate.

I am sure I will post on backyard retreats again and again as images of interest and inspiration reveal themselves.

our handmade tiny home

They also inspire a post on tiny homes! I actually live in a tiny backyard home with my husband and two kids. I always enjoy seeing tiny homes. Sometimes sharing such a small space can be overwhelming it is nice to be reminded how special it is to have one of our very own. I will post pictures of our own tiny home and interesting backyard one day, hopefully soon! We have a handmade greenhouse in the works right now. Made of old windows and recycled wood. be continued

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