Saturday, September 29, 2012

times like these

I hesitated and neglected to post this picture with the others but for whatever reason that doesn't matter anymore. The last couple days it has been popping up in my mind how it's the times like these that I will cherish most, the times of innocent childlike fun. Time passes so fast and before we know it these two will be in high school, college and living their own lives where days, weeks, even months may go by without even speaking to them.  Often overwhelmingly and intensely challenging? Yes indeed, absolutely! All worth it?  Certainly, most definitely!  It's the silly, joy filled laughter (lots of laughter) that I revel in, it is simply irreplaceable. Sincere joy in the sweet smile of a little. My heart is full of love for these two littles that I once grew in my belly. Full. Of. Love.  All the attitude, whining, bickering, back talking, crying and fit throwing all worth it for times like these. Times like just last night when Sage kissed his Paw Paw on his cheek and said "Tanks for bein' a good Paw Paw". Heartmelting!

Friday, September 28, 2012

yesterday + today

Fall is inspiring my time in the dollhouse studio. I've made a few new designs and made some old ones better.  The leather fringe earrings are back, this time I am placing them in bullet shells. Bullet shells that my sweetest brother-in-law is saving for me, he lives out in the country and enjoys his target practice. I am excited with the way they turned out.  I am making my half moons again this time in copper instead of leather and earrings instead of a necklace. I have to say they have turned out quite beautiful, decorated with chain and faceted citrine teardrops. I think I will be making many more of these. And the new long. light. lovely earrings that are intentionally different, decorated with rich color of faceted jasper and tiny lapis daggers. These measure over 3" long but are barely there lightweight. I think long earrings are so feminine.

It's a great day when I have the time to create new beautiful adornments that I am excited about.  What's this new season got you doin' that's new for you?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

over the lake and through the woods

We took a tiny trip north to the forest.  It was a quiet weekend (except for Sage's cries echoing over the lake and through the woods).  We made smores. We fished. We walked. We gathered firewood. We cooked by campfire (which was Kaya's favorite part). We kayaked Lake Valentine (which was Sage's favorite part hands down).  We slept under the trees under the stars.  We rested. We camped. We welcomed Autumn perfectly (and honestly we were not even aware at the time that that very night was the fall equinox).

I had not been to this particular spot in nearly 30 years and I have very special memories of going there with my mom as a child. Things looked much the same but completely different too.  We visited nearby campsites as well, like a mini tour of the southern part of Kistachie National Forest.  We are all looking forward to more short weekend adventures in Kistachie and experiencing little bits of our great state as a family.
that's our spot across the lake in the middle...can you see it?
 can you see the struggle here... sheesh
 Sage took this pic through the tent in the morning. I like it.
It's moments like this that make it all worthwhile, to watch him play with his 'tick' in the fire. Innocent, natural child's play in the forest.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sage little Teche

Ya'll if there is one picture that puts a huge smile on my face this is it.  I love how serious he is with his stick.  Perfectly fitting with the Little Teche in the background.  Down a country gravel road way out yonder.  We had a great afternoon country drivin' looking for waterfront land for sale.
And as always majestic Live Oaks are breathtaking. Just the roots of this one are nearly bigger than us. The beauty of living around the corner from the Bayou.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

sunset cliff dweller

It was October of 2007 and I took my new love to my old home to visit my dear friends.  There is this majestic gorge at the end of a lovely coast road that was only blocks from where I used to live.  After meandering through what sometimes seems like underground you come to the edge of the cliff, high above the Pacific Ocean. A lovely place to admire the sunset.

I miss this place and many people I left behind there.

Monday, September 24, 2012

shop update + a giveaway

FINALLY... I have made the time for the lengthy process of photograph, edit and upload.  It certainly takes time but its time well spent.  I also put several things on SALE and I am offering a special low price on some of my favorites.

In all the excitement of the seasons changing and getting things done there is a giveaway...

My 2nd Giveaway Rules // it's simple 1. like bayou bohemian on facebook (if you haven't yet) 2. follow on Bloglovin' (if you haven't yet) 3. have a look around my shop and in the comments of this post tell me whats your favorite thing.  That's it, AND YOU COULD WIN.... one amethyst cluster necklace (refer to pic 5 above).  I will announce the lucky winner on Friday Oct 5. 


Saturday, September 22, 2012

at home in the garden

Spring is easily my favorite season but the little introductions of crisp air, especially in the mornings, makes me happy to welcome Fall. Eager even.  It is so refreshing to feel the air cooling off. Being that I spent many years on the sunny coast of southern California where pretty much everyday feels like this, these are my favorite kind of days!  Inspiring, motivating and just plain lovely. Naturally.

My garden is growing over with the wonderful Cosmo. I seeded a few areas a couple years back and its popping up all over our backyard, making its own place.  I love the wispy wild & free way about them and the bold orange of its blooms. The morning glory vine that I have never seeded or planted is volunteering itself and taking over too, smothering some of my chosen plantings. That I don't like so much! I honestly don't know much about plants and gardening, not more than what I like and love really. I enjoy following my intuition and doing what feels right. I like to take the seeds that have dried on the flowers center and spread it throughout the garden with anticipation of where it might grow-up. I revel in Sage's innocent play with worms or as he calls 'em snakes. Lately he is getting such sincere excitement with those crawlers, he lightens me up with a smile. Ahh playing & working with nature. Real joy.

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