Saturday, September 29, 2012

times like these

I hesitated and neglected to post this picture with the others but for whatever reason that doesn't matter anymore. The last couple days it has been popping up in my mind how it's the times like these that I will cherish most, the times of innocent childlike fun. Time passes so fast and before we know it these two will be in high school, college and living their own lives where days, weeks, even months may go by without even speaking to them.  Often overwhelmingly and intensely challenging? Yes indeed, absolutely! All worth it?  Certainly, most definitely!  It's the silly, joy filled laughter (lots of laughter) that I revel in, it is simply irreplaceable. Sincere joy in the sweet smile of a little. My heart is full of love for these two littles that I once grew in my belly. Full. Of. Love.  All the attitude, whining, bickering, back talking, crying and fit throwing all worth it for times like these. Times like just last night when Sage kissed his Paw Paw on his cheek and said "Tanks for bein' a good Paw Paw". Heartmelting!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    This is one of those times to frame and place what you have written on the back...a cherished treasure
    Oh Mama how I know how fast it all happens. A true gift you are giving to yourself and your family by recognizing the moments like these...

    Thank you for this post! This Mama is reminded to take this day with my family and hold it close and try not to let it pass on into the conjured stresses we create for ourselves.
    Sending love your way, xo

  2. Wow darlin' your words are so sweet, tearjerking even. Thank you! I am more than happy that this post finds you wanting to take the time to sit, notice, appreciate and even honor these sacred moments of life. Children are so special even with the breathtaking challenges. Sending love right back at ya! You made my day more special with your expressions!

  3. Oh those last words did make me teary, they mean so much dont they, cherish every moment,
    I have one son....(and and now I am cherishing every moment with my granddaughter
    love the photo above.... same tilt of the head :) xx Carole


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