Tuesday, April 30, 2013

a festival family.

Our favorite festival has come and gone. We spent 3 whole days celebrating world music and good friends who travel the distance back home to enjoy our hometown's incredible Festival International de Louisiane.  This year we did not have the luxury of a sitter for the kids when we were ready to take to the streets solo. I was a bit disappointed at first. You see we always take them to enjoy much of the festivities but we also usually leave them with the in-laws in the evenings so we can hit the crowds with out them and all the stuff in tow. This year was different for reasons beyond our control but I have to say having our kiddos with us the whole time wasn't so bad and we didn't have to cut short any of our time spent enjoying the event.  On Saturday we spent a full 12 hours out in it, listening to music, walking from stage to stage back and forth across downtown Lafayette, fighting crowds that sometimes seemed to thick for my liking and hanging with dear friends. We were out till near midnight and my two troopers never once complained, not once. On Sunday morning before I arose from bed to get right back into the festival spirit for the final day of fun I reflected on the previous day and how pleasant my littles had been. I called them both into my room and thanked them for being so great. Then we put on our festive duds and set out to conquer another day of the most awesome festival while hanging with some of the greatest friends.   We closed the festival out with The Wailers and we made it home in time for bedtime.
this was taken near midnight only minutes before they fell asleep in the grass...so sweet

I guess I raised 'em well and it makes me happy to know they are making memories and just maybe the festival will be an important part of their life too when they get older.  I'm pretty sure of it.

Till next year...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

gypset pachamama

Here is a bold bright lookbook with all the colors of spring and summer. Another Aussie delight, Camilla, I found here.   A gypsy soul rooted in the beauties of our one mother nature. So much color and pattern I can hear the stories of many tribal cultures from South America to Africa.  I really resonate with this sort of design that infuses traditions that span the globe. The most colorful of tribes rich with belief and folklore.

I have to say the little one in the hat in the first image resembles my little Sage quite a bit.

Pachamama is usually translated as Mother Earth, but a more literal translation would be "Mother world". Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andean mountain ranges, the former Inca Empire, stretching from present day Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile and northern Argentina. 

note // I am inspired.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

creating with emotion + love as motivation

"Being the new voice that creates with emotion rather than technical expertise is scary but invigorating."

To create with emotion not technical expertise and to be receiving work from some of great commercial companies W.O.W. !!!! I love this !!!!
'work for imogene + willie'
'work for imogene + willie'
'work for lands end'

"Love has always been my main motivation, not a career. Whether it is love for a person, place, or opportunity. I have moved for all of these things and have no regrets for taking risks."

These words are beautiful! I absolutely resonate with this Love Motivation. To hear it put so matter of fact with such confidence just makes it feel alright even though it may be going against the grain of mainstream and how we have been trained in society. Honestly stunning!

Find the full article on this lovely lady on industry of one an incredible sight of one (wo)man shows. Also find more of her incredible work with a camera here + on her blog.


Saturday, April 13, 2013


I am enjoying these spring time shenanigans. Where the cool breeze in the warm sun makes us frisky and playful.

I am also craving inspiration and making time to be creative. Mama time in my studio. It's as though even if the time presents itself these days I don't spend it creating.  Humph. It's so interesting to sit and listen to who you are while learning to understand and welcome yourself in as though you are meeting someone for the first time.  In stillness and in gentleness. With patience and kindness.

Reminds me of this little wooden sign my mom has that over the years has been moved about her home, it reads
"Please be patient, God isn't finished with me yet."

Here I sit practicing patience and gentleness while being a witness to all of the emotions that stir up within me. I have to say it all can kinda make me feel like sweet Sage looks here...

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

our tiny urban farm

We have not a farm but we have dreams of one. A small one. We live in a quaint little neighborhood  only a minutes bike ride from downtown in our overgrowing green yard where we are creating a nice comfy space for ourselves and our children. For the squirrels, cardinals, blue-jays, finches and sparrows, as well as a neighbors cat or two. 

As we welcomed Spring I watched two tiny little birdies work together to build their nest in a handmade birdhouse just outside our back door.  I saw them flying through the air with one tiny branch or leaf clinched in their beak making many trips to and fro.  I was happy to be watching them work like a sweet family nesting for the birth of a new baby.

Just a couple of weeks ago we welcomed our bee hive that we were keeping on a piece of land on the bayou, it's a pleasant sight to watch these creatures do there work. They are rather calm and not at all aggressive. They are busy bees on a mission to collect pollen and make honey. Honey that we enjoy very much.  Just the other morning as I was sipping my coffee out back I watched one travel the Lily's petal to the center as though it was entering a cave, I love to witness that.

This past weekend we brought home our new friend Pedro, a pygmy goat.  He is a sweet little fella, he and Sage are good friends already.  It is so endearing and funny to watch those two play as they do.  It fills me with giggles as I watch my little goldy locks of a boy walk his new tiny hoofed friend down our street. A delightful sight I tell ya.

As of Sunday we even have a rocket ship for imaginary play that Sage inspired by his recent playtime fascinations.  Made completely from salvaged materials and Super Sage loves it.

It's the small things for us and that is sacred to me.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


With Springtime upon us I have not been spending much Time in my studio.  There is some spring cleaning needing to be done and many things to be made but sometimes the Time for that feels hard to come by.
When watching my littles grow Time seems to go by so fast.  Yet another year has passed as recital time is soon approaching and the school year is nearing its end.

I feel like taking this Time with my kiddos. Which can sometimes leave me wondering what I actually accomplished in a day but oh yeh I followed my toddler around most of the day while he did what he was inspired by moment to moment that can take up a lot of my Time. Then I picked up and dropped off, picked up and dropped off, picked up and dropped off my big girl to her schools and lessons.  All Time well spent that can often get lost when considering what I accomplished. Time that is so precious and valuable.

Sometimes unfortunately I am often easily frustrated which is something that I am not happy about but this juggling act can sometimes be a struggle for me. I yearn to create and be inspired and when I am not feeling 'it' I can feel sad inside. But with all the things I need to do there is always going to be at least one thing that falls short, be it the dishes or the laundry or the cleaning or the cooking or exercise or my studio Time.

I think it is important to allow ourselves Time to be in the moment of our emotions and be gentle with ourselves. To own it and except it. To allow it with gentleness and without judgement. A dear friend of mine just gave some great advice to another who was struggling with being snappy and sometimes hurtful because of their own emotions. She told him to be more confident about the way he felt. I think this is great advice because if we could truly own with confidence that we were feeling sad or distant or vulnerable or irritable or anxious and be ok with that and sit with it without judgement just knowing that it was real even though we weren't quite sure why we felt like that, it might save us from maybe taking it out on someone else or lashing out or loosing our cool. Then we  probably would recover from things much quicker and bounce back to our light-hearted, silly selves. That side of ourselves that has a special shine to it.

Here's to taking Time for ourselves, for our children, our families, our needs and our wants. Taking Time to create and to reflect. Taking Time to be silly with friends. Taking Time to laugh and share love.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

taking time for family + nature

We just spent a perfect weekend visiting the Greats while welcoming Spring. Spring time has to be the most beautiful out there. It's so special that our littles get to make memories with their great-grandparents we seriously need to make a point to visit more often. My hubby's grandparents live about 2 hours away on 20 acres of pine forest where azaleas, camellias and moss surround you with so much beauty. The orchard was filled with the scent of orange blossoms and I love all the shades of green. New green, fresh green, spring green. Combined with the rusty brown-red of the fallen pine needles, the gray green of the moss and the burst of color from the wild flower patches, I am always left inspired.

You can find more pictures of the beautiful land these very special Greats call home here.
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