Tuesday, April 23, 2013

gypset pachamama

Here is a bold bright lookbook with all the colors of spring and summer. Another Aussie delight, Camilla, I found here.   A gypsy soul rooted in the beauties of our one mother nature. So much color and pattern I can hear the stories of many tribal cultures from South America to Africa.  I really resonate with this sort of design that infuses traditions that span the globe. The most colorful of tribes rich with belief and folklore.

I have to say the little one in the hat in the first image resembles my little Sage quite a bit.

Pachamama is usually translated as Mother Earth, but a more literal translation would be "Mother world". Pachamama is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andean mountain ranges, the former Inca Empire, stretching from present day Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile and northern Argentina. 

note // I am inspired.


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