Friday, May 24, 2013

the way of the heart

It has been quiet on these pages lately but that is not the case between these walls and beyond. I have been busy tending to my family, my home, my garden and some special projects. While always trying to squeeze in time to create. I haven't picked up my camera in literally months I think.

Summer break from school is so close I can barely keep going on with the mundane routine of it all. I am ready for the break. Which of course means our home will be full with kiddos and kiddos stuff and kiddos imagination and kiddos play. I am ready for no more school morning wake ups, no more homework, no more dance drop-off and pick-up, no more piano lesson scrambles.  Now here is the time I like the change-up of routines.

Ahhhhh. What a relief these warmest months bring.

On another note I have noticed lately that I have been living by a theme word for the last couple of months. A single word that has been felt strongly in my heart, while floating about my mind in my day to day tending-tos.  It first began for me with the word Trust. I spent days even weeks reflecting on what that meant to me in my life and how I may nurture myself to be better at it. How by understanding Trust and removing any blocks I may have to it creates more of a feeling of space and freedom in my life.  Then my theme moved into the word Gentleness. As I reflected on this word and tried to practice Gentleness with myself and with others I noticed how I was more patient and less easily irritated and frustrated. By practicing Gentleness I also noticed that I was less reactive and was better able to remain calm and gentle when daily life felt like a 'storm'. Then my theme moved into Courage. This is where I am today. To sum up what I have come to discover so far about courage is that to be courageous is to live from the heart. "The way of the heart is the way of courage. It is to live in love and trust, it is to move in the unknown. ...The head is the businessman. The head always calculates."(Osho) Osho also mentions that Courage is not fearlessness it is in fact the total presence of fear with the Courage to face it. He also adds that we need Courage to be truthful, to love, to trust, to inquire into reality. Courage comes first and everything else follows.

I believe there is something about all of this that is bringing me peace of mind, peace at heart.  It's a bit of a relief in itself.  A treasure of empowerment. The way of the heart.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Simple. Tribal. Feminine.

I really love the simple touches. There is something so feminine about a great earring. The tribal elements always standout to me and inspire me.  I am always drawn to vintage chain and findings with a story, that have been around for decades and now they can make a new appearance, a new beginning.
These lovely earrings are simple yet bold while being the best of both and authentic Bayou Bohemian.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

this boy...

This boy keeps me laughing. He keeps me too busy to do much else these days. He melts my heart at least once a day. He is something special. He is full of personality. He is full of energy. He is full of Please + Thank You. So much life in this creation of ours named Sage.

1. This pic was taken just before he unbuttoned his shirt and wore it like that the rest of the day, hat and all. His poppa took him to the store and he said the ladies were just melting. Uh yeah, he's something else.
2. A little bit of make do gymnastics.  His pop Jim was telling me that at the garden days before he found him in that position but his shoe was stuck and he was hanging there upside down and he said "uh pop Jim can you help me".
3. He IS wearing pants here...on his head. My silly little man.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

talisman. lucky charms. folklore.

 A little something I've been doing.  I like these folkloric lucky charm necklaces. A talisman to be worn around your neck with simple treasures, some having ancient traditions in some cultures. Feathers to represent freedom and traveling along your right path. Tibetan prayers held sacred to some.  Buffalo and wolf teeth believed to protect from harm while holding respect for these incredible creatures.  Quartz crystal points full of power and energy, a symbol of a new age.

It is this sort of creation that is authentic Bayou Bohemian.  I am so intrigued by many different cultures and their ancient traditions.  I respect that indigenous peoples believe so whole heartedly in their specific traditions and this to me carries with it so much power. So much beauty in the folklore that lives on even after people pass. Worn as timeless adornment.
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