Tuesday, May 7, 2013

talisman. lucky charms. folklore.

 A little something I've been doing.  I like these folkloric lucky charm necklaces. A talisman to be worn around your neck with simple treasures, some having ancient traditions in some cultures. Feathers to represent freedom and traveling along your right path. Tibetan prayers held sacred to some.  Buffalo and wolf teeth believed to protect from harm while holding respect for these incredible creatures.  Quartz crystal points full of power and energy, a symbol of a new age.

It is this sort of creation that is authentic Bayou Bohemian.  I am so intrigued by many different cultures and their ancient traditions.  I respect that indigenous peoples believe so whole heartedly in their specific traditions and this to me carries with it so much power. So much beauty in the folklore that lives on even after people pass. Worn as timeless adornment.

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