Saturday, October 29, 2011

new discoveries

i like...

you know me and simple...
I like this rather simple dress with its loose and comfy design, it reminds me of these
i'd really like to be more productive with cloth and my sewing machine
I feel like its gonna happen...hopefully real soon

I like this orange and apparently its the best orange ever (sephora by opi hi def)

the circular picture is great and the overgrown field even better

all found here someone new I discovered from here

all in celebration of 7 years

so our first slumber party has come and gone
it was a huge success and not as chaotic as I had anxiously anticipated
it was actually a pleasure though I seriously believe it had to do with the fun jump
that thing gave them something to do the whole time and kept them occupied and out of the house
plus, it exhausted them so they all slept soundly through the night
even the neighbors dog, Lucky, enjoyed himself though he was not invited
there certainly was a fair share of bickering and such that left me wondering
"did we fight with our friends that much when we were little?" I do not clearly recall
but the best part is its over and I have already cleaned the house and all
oh and of course because Kaya thinks I am the best mom ever (for now at least)

Friday, October 28, 2011


tonight is Kaya's night

I found the 7 on google and placed it in photoshop to add the text
it was something I was inspired to do all of a sudden at 11pm on Monday and already in bed
it was quick, rather easy and gets the job done
Kaya brought a few to school on Tuesday to invite her closest girl classmates
...we will see what happens tonight it should be interesting to say the least
here's to our first ever slumber party together
all in the honor of 7 years

ps. her birthday is on Nov 2 but what fun does a Wednesday allow

note >>> it seems like tonight is even more important than I imagined if you believe this
tonight is a night of honor indeed
 to honor unity and consciousness can not and will not ever be a bad thing

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

gather jewelry

found here

found here

raw beauty...
I like the simplicity and organic nature of most of her creations
and she lives and works in a sacred community
a place of history with deep roots in the old west 
a place I have spent some time and I hold those memories sacred
a place surrounded by countryside and high desert foothills
a place intense with the beauty of nature and with the freedom to be your best self

get the look :: boho maxi skirt

those skirts worn by those totally groovy chics a time long ago 
clearly resemble that skirt I found locally just a few months back 
 ...don't ya think?

picture found here
skirt available for purchase here for a very limited time

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

it feels good

  by bayou bohemian
, a photo by bayou bohemian on Flickr.

ya know when there is something you have been wanting and needing to do for a while
like a year
you almost did it a few times but never completed the process
never getting what you needed to make it work
well, hanging these guitars was just that for us
we discussed getting the wall mounts and looked around and priced them
discussed how easy they would be to make but never actually did it
until just a few days ago
I ordered these natural wood mounts on ebay...I just did it already
it sure feels good to have that project finally complete
the guitars out from hiding in their cases
the bulky dark cases out of the corner of the room
and I think they look wonderful in their place
asking to be played

I gotta mention that my skilled hubby made both of these beautiful guitars
years ago before we met when he lived in Montreal to study the art and craft of the luthier
it is a passion of his he holds dear

huh...good idea

very simple but I never actually considered it till now...

here is a simple d.i.y. thanks Jill
one I might actually do today or even better on Friday with the girls
we are having a slumber party to celebrate my lil' Kaya's completion of her first 7 year cycle
and her first slumber party
I would think they might enjoy this... I will
I like how it's a clip and a magnet :)

"somewhere there's a feather falling slowly from the sky you need not know the reason why..."-nico
 quote taken from this lookbook

Monday, October 24, 2011

buffalo girl

for the love of leather

such beautiful leather work by Buffalo Girl of Byron Bay, Australia
 I am taken by her amazing work and her attention to detail 
along with the styling and photography
each piece is made by hand with sincere love for the craft
and what a craft it is

watch this for a little peek inside her studio
and visit here for a little more

...oh how I would love to visit Australia

Sunday, October 23, 2011


found here

I really like these words of wisdom and I seem to usually really like Emerson
note to self >>> I should read more Ralph Waldo Emerson

ps. I truly feel like I am getting to know myself a little better through this here blog... 

Friday, October 21, 2011

Kaya & Finn

2 creative mommas = 2 creative kiddos
Kaya and Finn made these clay faces all by themselves
I did not even notice what they were making while I was too busy chatting away with Roz
as we mothers tend to get lost in adult communication when available, sometimes with a side of steam 
until I saw them laying on the table and I was touched with their personal similarities to each of them
Finn has light hair and Kaya has long dark hair
I especially like Kaya's heart mouth
they both are simply perfect

up-cycled winter layers

found here

but I had no luck in finding the how-to..
so I guess you have to be creative and figure it out :)

these last few days are definitely inspiring thoughts of winter wear

note >>> thanks to Janelle for guiding us you can find the how-to here

but you can still be creative

inspiring our farm house table

I found these pictures of inspiration in a file named farm house tables
saved in my archives from last year

more pictures of tables I fancy can be found here

Thursday, October 20, 2011

SILLY...2 years ago

I just happened upon these while searching our external hard drive photo archive
for pictures of a friend who lost his life way too early just days ago

I did hesitate to share but I decided...what the heck
these are a perfect example of innocent silliness 
something we should all be more familiar with
lets not take ourselves too seriously
and maybe just maybe I made you smile

I hope you can embrace your inner silly today!

home lately

Rocky the urban rooster finds a new home on a farm with lots of love and happy hands

 our new fence in progress :)

always eager to help

one side done two to go

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

little boys DO play with trucks in the dirt

I absolutely love it when he gets so into innocent child's play
and hes not climbing ladders or playing with power tools
or hitting and biting his big sisters friends
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