Monday, October 10, 2011


as usual and thankfully so my days are full of family
juggling the needs of my kiddos with my own and the has to with the want to
with scattered bits of time to create held sacred and honored
always lots going on

lately... I have been working more with copper sheets
copper we salvaged from the scraps of a metal shop
conveniently located right next door to my hubby's woodworking shop
plus, we are doing lots around our home making it even better all the time
we are in the process of putting up a new fence, on one side to start
of local Cypress of course

my often mentioned gal pal Roz is experimenting with copper too
what fun learning new ways to create easy to wear adornments for everyday
>>> stay tuned <<<
 for lots of inspiration and creatin' goin' on 'round these parts

I hope your day finds you inspired with time for the want tos :)

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