Thursday, October 6, 2011

indigenous. lush. elemental.

here is another one of my beautiful boho sisters
to learn of her philosophy behind her stunning creations makes them all the more amazing
her inspiration is rich with history, culture, travel, nature and even a touch of science
her adornments are created using 14k gold, copper and brass
beautifully accented with elegant natural stone
along with wild coyote knuckles and badger claws
with collections of local Louisiana nutria fur and alligator skin
an incredible mix of raw, rustic, organic, nature
combined with her techniques used on the metal
I mean...WOW!

all four of us boho spirit sisters share something that brings us together
that something being our unconventional vision
or our passion to create or our down-home bayou upbringing
we share similar interests and inspirations with our creations being a reflection of all of these things
though oddly similar they are so very different and original to each of us
 I am so honored that our paths have met to create something together
while growing a strong soul connection that will flourish with time
and only become more beautiful with age and discovery 
like a wonderful patina

>>> if you are local to our area come visit us at bayouBAZAAR this Friday from 6pm-9pm <<<
or come at 4pm to enjoy AFC happy hour and seed swap at Saint Street Inn

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