Thursday, October 13, 2011

old wood...i'm in

read this tutorial on how to transfer ink onto old wood to make these 
rustic wood signs with words
 I will be trying this sooner than later

select a font that fits your style and flip it before you print
 so it transfers correctly

Turn your piece of paper over so that the ink is face down on your wood, position it so that it's centered, you might crease the bottom of my paper along the edge of the wood so it doesn't move around, and begin brushing the paper with your wet paintbrush.

You don't want to make your paper sopping wet or the ink will just run and the paper will disintegrate. Just wet it enough so that it seeps through to the other side and starts to release the ink from the paper.

Take your Sharpie lid and begin to burnish your letters going horizontally and vertically. You want to transfer as much of the ink from the paper to the wood as you can. Don't peek, though. You don't want to accidentally shift your paper. Just scribble over each letter being sure you've burnished over every bit of each one.

if you would like your letters a bit darker use a small paint brush and very diluted paint


  1. how does this method not copy the letters backwards?

  2. I love the font and have tried to find it. There are thousands of fonts!
    Which font did you use please?


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