Monday, September 30, 2013

New. New. New. In the shop.

I have been making up for lost time. In my humble studio and my online presence.  I have many new items up for sell in my shop. And I am offering free shipping in the U.S. too.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

outlaw : a bayou bohemian collection

Primal + Delicate
Outlaw :  rebellious and unconventional.
Inspired by the outlaw diggers passion for the stories of treasure hidden below the earths surface, buried artifacts, history of a culture and the wild west.
A collection of spearpoints, arrowheads, and preforms from thousands of years ago to present.
Elk antlers from the coast of Northern California where the ancient Redwoods meet the cold pacific.
Snake bone from where they raise snakes for the venom, just helping put all of the snake to good use.
Lots of Turquoise, always Turquoise.
Gold and gold leaf for the gold rush.
Now available HERE.
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