Tuesday, July 31, 2012

my morning coffee

Just the other morning I was sitting out back enjoying my coffee, in retreat from the chaos and dusty mess of the long awaited bathroom remodel going on inside.

...a great start to any day!

p.s. The bathroom is nearly complete and it looks wonderful. Handmade, natural, rustic, light filled, ethnic.  I am excited to share pics real soon.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

local designer...

I am so happy to have the support of local boutique Hemline. It is my great pleasure to see my creative work displayed in such a beautifully merchandised lil' place. Today I made my third drop off in about a month and a half.  I gotta say it feels real good :)

Ya know, I find it a funny little thing about myself that it's a bit difficult for me to call myself a designer or an artist. I seem to be more comfortable saying creator or maker but I am certainly flattered when I hear or see my name beside the words designer and artist.

you can read more here

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


While we are dreaming of having a small pool that blends into its surroundings, this is perfect!

found here & here

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

big change, little room

Last time I mentioned our bathroom remodel.  Here is a instapic peek...

1. our inspiration for the plaster color. we are using a mineral pigment 'mayan green'.
2. our 'campers potty'. what we used temporarily for those few days we had no toilet and no bath plus barely a floor.
3. 'papas little helper' putting things back together again. standing on our brand new solid pine bathroom floor.
4. the beautiful earth toned slate that is going half way up the wall beneath the plaster.

I am excited to see it complete.  I feel a bit manic or skitz because I have been having mixed feelings about some of our decisions.  One moment I will be loving it and super excited and the next I'm not quite sure about it.  My hubby and I laugh at how change effects me. It always makes me a little sad and takes me a few days to decide if I actually like it.  It's quite funny because it never fails to effect me like that. But I guess the important thing is to embrace it with a sense of humor...

you can find pics of our old bathroom here and here.

Monday, July 23, 2012

a new bath

we are in the middle of remodeling our bathroom and these dreamy baths fill me with inspiration...

you can find these and more on my pinerest HOME board

Saturday, July 21, 2012

'kids in tow' around New Orleans part 3

Then a night and day with the kiddos...
2 hip folks + 2 youngins' hit the historic streets of the French Quarter. Two for the very first time.

We, unconventionally, spent this night at The Frenchmen Hotel which just may be more fit for a couple without kids but it sure is quaint and my perfect idea of a New Orleans hotel. We barely squeezed our van through the cement drive fit for a carriage not a modern vehicle.

The kids enjoyed a morning swim in the quintessential courtyard pool while I poked around and snapped some pics.  We then packed up, squeezed back through the tiny cement tunnel like drive and hit the historic streets with kids in tow.

We had a simple lunch and spent lots of unhurried time on the river walk en route to the market.

Then we headed back to our cozy quiet home. That short drive westward on I-10.

Friday, July 20, 2012

'work + play' around New Orleans part 2

We journeyed to the big city of New Orleans, a short drive we rarely take.  

We began our long weekend getaway in the city by dropping off the kiddos to their Aunt Ango, who conveniently lives about 20 minutes south of Nola. We then headed to the Lafayette Hotel on St. Charles to check in. With barely an hour to spare before we headed to the venue to prepare for my big event later that evening at 12 Bar in the heart of the arts district.

my hubby with his Frankincense tree we bought in the French Market

We enjoyed a night and day in the city without the kiddos. That taste of freedom always fades so fast.
Tune in for the pictorial of our night and day playing tourist as a family of four...kids in tow.
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