Thursday, July 5, 2012

a happy 4th

We spent yesterday around our village. Young cousins came to play, they all stayed in the backyard playing in the pool and turning the yard into a mushy mess but they had lots of fun.  I was happy to get many things done in my studio which felt great. As the evening neared I even made the time to clean my jewelry work table which was completely necessary because I am usually too busy with a specific project to take the time to clean ya know.  It's funny how it's the days that most folk have off that I can get the most done. Papas home and there is so much going on to entertain the kiddos that Mama can slip away into my element and loose myself in creativity and my list of need-tos.  And just as darkness neared we took the short convenient drive out to my mom's cypress cabin on the Bayou Teche to enjoy an hour of lighting up the sky. A perfect ending to a happy day.

This picture was a total accident. A happy surprise.  I was having trouble with my camera and it was so dark out I could not even see the settings but just before giving up I aimed at the sky and snapped a few shots. This magic happened.

Do any of you ever notice how things often happen juuuust before you give up?

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