Tuesday, July 24, 2012

big change, little room

Last time I mentioned our bathroom remodel.  Here is a instapic peek...

1. our inspiration for the plaster color. we are using a mineral pigment 'mayan green'.
2. our 'campers potty'. what we used temporarily for those few days we had no toilet and no bath plus barely a floor.
3. 'papas little helper' putting things back together again. standing on our brand new solid pine bathroom floor.
4. the beautiful earth toned slate that is going half way up the wall beneath the plaster.

I am excited to see it complete.  I feel a bit manic or skitz because I have been having mixed feelings about some of our decisions.  One moment I will be loving it and super excited and the next I'm not quite sure about it.  My hubby and I laugh at how change effects me. It always makes me a little sad and takes me a few days to decide if I actually like it.  It's quite funny because it never fails to effect me like that. But I guess the important thing is to embrace it with a sense of humor...

you can find pics of our old bathroom here and here.

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