Thursday, November 17, 2011

at home so far this week

meet Longtail-y
this sweet little baby fell from the tree in our front yard on Sunday 
and my hubby saved him from two cats who were quick on the scene
Longtail-y seems to be quite fond of poppa and the kids are quite fond of 'baebae'
after keeping him safe for a few days and making sure he was strong enough
my hubby placed it on the same tree from which it fell and it ran back up
but after 2o minutes or so my hubby could here it calling out to him and he went back to the tree
if you can believe it Longtail-y jumped right back into his hand
how sweet is that?

our bathroom renovation slowly but surely
we replaced the ceiling with this old rusted tin months and months ago 
about 2 weeks ago I removed most of the paneling on the top part of the walls
 I like the cabin feel of the exposed wood
we have many more projects to work on in there but its coming along
visit here for a look at before anything was done

nap time for a stuffy nose, coughing baby boy
comfy cozy in "momma poppa bed"


  1. A cup of coffee and this story of LOVE and, anyday! Thank you so much for adding some more light to the day. XOxo

  2. that is a sweet comment I am so happy you are touched by a piece of our life thanks for commenting :)


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