Wednesday, November 2, 2011

wise child friend to all...

I have an attraction to names and their meanings 
my hubby and I have a name for it, I am a nameologist
ya know the saying that a child lives up to their name
well this certainly holds true this time with my 'eldest daughter' 
Kaya Ruth
when growing her sweet existence in my belly I would often search names in books and on the web
till the one day I found the name Kaya
what stood out to me is that it was Native American Hopi indian for wise child
after a little more searching I also found it meant eldest daughter
Ruth was my oldest and dearest friends middle name Amy Ruth 
Amy Ruth passed on the day before I saw Kaya's heartbeat for the first time

Kaya = wise child + Ruth = friend to all
it is so interesting to experience the truth her name holds
she is certainly wise beyond 7 years old in so many ways maybe not so much in others
and she is with out a doubt, whole heartedly a friend to all
she is always so comfortable and eager to meet new people (not a trait she gets from me)
I have often heard "she must never know a stranger" from strangers whom she has introduced herself
and joined in conversation
she is a handful with loads of attitude, personality and opinions
a strong feminine power with a natural maternal instinct
she has just completed her first 7 year cycle
she is my very special little girl and always will be no matter how old






she is always ready to strike a pose and she is all girl maybe even a touch of diva
and 7 years ago today it all began...
the life and journey of Kaya Ruth

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