Wednesday, November 16, 2011

holiday charm

it all started with a naked wreath hanging on an exterior wall on the front of our home
my mom, sister and I made this wreath together after mom chopped down a nuisance vine in her back yard note:: that we do not work so well together because each knows the better way to get the project done if you know what I mean... you might as well just let my sister do it :)
anyway I had the perfect place for it 
right between the windows in the front of our home there was an empty space
 and this wreath was a fitting size
it hung there naked for a few weeks and was bare and lonely looking
I began to search for inspiration and below is what I found that I liked best

found here 

I was inspired by the feathers of course and the yellows and oranges of the mums
I thought it would be best to use plastic flowers because I wanted to have it up for a while
this was my first project like this using fake flowers but I am happy with the turnout 
and you can't even tell the accents are artificial

what do ya think?

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