Tuesday, November 29, 2011

wise and free

two years ago today
 we were blessed with Sage Francis being born into our family
only minutes new

I mentioned earlier this month my like of names and their meanings
through my search while growing him in my belly I found
Sage means wise man and wisdom (and of course the herb)
Francis means from France and also free

Sage Francis = wise and free
yet again it fascinates me to see my baby actually be what his name means
he is strong beyond 2 years
he is brave and excited to conquer the unrealistic for his age
he likes to be free from the walls of inside to enjoy the freedom of the outdoors
while he also likes to be free from fences and barriers which is quite a challenge for a mother
he is an early riser who seems eager to work with his hands and big tools
he likes to climb, dig in the dirt and give kisses
he is our very special little boy who keeps us on our toes 

heading home for the very first time 
and you can tell he does not like being 'un' free by being strapped in

when he reminded us of charlie brown (from certain angles)

he still loves ANY time with his Paw Paw

>>> may he grow to be a wise man who makes mindful decisions <<<

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