Monday, November 21, 2011

Barbie goes garage sale

this pretty much sums up my niece's style

Dani Love is turning 2o on the 22nd she has matured into quite the lady
moving away to New Orleans a little over a year ago to study film and the French language
she has strong personal style and what others think has never really mattered much to her which I have always admired
she has plans to travel to NYC in the spring and to France in the summer she is flourishing and this makes my heart so happy
she applies herself to her studies at UNO and her work as a buyer at Buffalo Exchange New Orleans
she has been awarded employee of the month for November and they are featuring her on their blog
thats what inspired this photo shoot so she can express her style and capture it for the feature

driftwood, dirty turquoise, faceted citrine tear...coming soon

I happily took this opportunity to style pieces from my growing vintage collection that I have been needing to capture to express the look I dream of with these items. 
I have so many more to create and capture, I am hoping to real soon 

vintage red/white striped cotton jersey swimsuit and silky high waist shorts coming soon
nomad feather collection for the spirit that yearns to take flight

chinadoll 100% silk embroidered blouse available here
vintage high waist skirt and handcrafted chevron necklace coming soon

this is my favorite outfit...bright paisley blouse available here 
wool houndstooth skirt in mustard/black coming soon

urban chick feathers and fringed red leather remnants

royal blue vintage high waisted skirt available here
70's striped knit top available soon

urban eagle earrings from the created unequal collection available here

oh so Audrey black velvet vintage dress coming soon

coming soon...found farm feathers and grey leather remnants created unequal collection

'protection' collection...coming soon

we had a perfect Sunday afternoon filled with family, fashion, vintage and handmade
Dani and I had not shared quality time together in way too long
I am hoping to gather for another shoot sometime soon maybe on her turf this time
in the streets of New Orleans...

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