Thursday, November 10, 2011

reminding us to give thanks

maybe not for the traditional belief of the holiday
but I like to take this time as a reminder to be thankful for all the good in our life

we have been quite busy 'round here and it's only getting busier with projects, holidays and birthdays
(both my kiddos and my hubby have their birthdays in November and December)
some days are full of busyness and at the end I am not always clear on what I actually accomplished
Does that ever happen to you?
often times daily I feel the chaos of our to-dos juggled with my want-tos
and chaos quickly overwhelms me this I am learning the truth of more each day
peace and balance is the goal
remaining positive and thankful is of the utmost importance
for we truly live a blessed life

>>> take a moment, or a month, or everyday to give thanks for everything you have that is good <<<

a little decoration I put together with what we had
 the big pumpkin on the left is actually a jack-o-lantern, you could never tell
I made the sign with scrap wood we have an abundance of
not sure why we have a broken pitch fork but it works well
and the big trunks were salvaged from our neighbors cherry tree that fell on our back house
I think they look great there, I like how it turned out

on another note...

here is a pleasant place to visit..."because yes is more fun than no"
I have merely cracked open the door to begin my visit here
but I already like this
a woman with words of encouragement and a matter of fact opinion
inspiring feelings of normalcy no matter your oddities
this place puts a sweet smile on my face and in my heart
I look forward to a longer visit soon

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