Wednesday, November 23, 2011

evolve how it may

not to take directly from another but man when I saw this
I was so inspired and driven to document for myself
I feel like I can click around this virtual world and find so much common interest
someone doing something I have a passion for yet taking it way outside the box and amazing me
reminding me that truly anything is possible
it creates a fire inside that burns bright
bringing me closer to myself

gatherer and creator Monica Canilao's work fascinates me
I am always mentioning my love for found, gathered and salvaged and she takes it to another level
she does these collages and installations around the world
 often working with gatherered objects from the surrounding area of where the art show will be held
truly random and organic
 working from what is available where every little thing has a special place 
leaving not much to be discarded as trash

I always find myself wanting to keep lots of things I come across 
because they could become part of  something bigger and better 
its almost overwhelming how things accumulate like this but so rewarding to create, reuse, and remake

in her own words :
"By taking something as ordinary as found wood pulp or cloth and passing thread through it, new things can be made beautiful or useful. My work is my own means to give new voice to histories and experiences using remnants of past lives so readily discarded. The direct relationship between the things I create and my daily experience—what I feel and what I find—allows my process and the result to evolve how it may. By using materials that carry traces of moments past, the compositions themselves are a reminder that we all bear scars from family histories that shape our desires, prejudices, and ability to adapt (or thrive). In the end the act of creating is about making living sacred."
read and see more here

I also believe in allowing the process and result to evolve naturally and organically
 letting my heart and spirit take over the creative process while my mind follows close
I love her last words 'the act of creating is about making living sacred'
beauty is in the truth, the remade, the sacred

pictures and interview found here

there is so much creative power and magic happening out there
I am so thankful to happen upon these fine ladies expressing themselves fabulously
 inspiring me to continue my form of self expression
while always striving for the freedom to do so without judgement and insecurity
so empowering!

find more here, here, & here

thanks so much for sharing and for the introduction Janelle

>>> power to the bloggin' mommas to share what moves them and maybe touch another <<<


  1. This is so stunning, its like she's created a world around her thoughts. I love your blog and its constant inspiration and positivity, thank you! it makes me want to make more art with more love.

  2. thanks so much for the kind words it makes me happy to know someone is touched with positivity and inspired in even the smallest of ways! :)


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