Thursday, March 3, 2011

love is everywhere

I find love in the most random things at the most important times.

My dearest friend, Amy Ruth, lived with cystic fibrosis until that one day in our 28th year her journey here was complete. Weeks earlier I had found I was pregnant for my sweet girl, Kaya Ruth, whose heartbeat I heard for the first time the day after my friends goodbye. I wasn't necessarily at a place in my life to start a family but the divine spirit had other plans for me. As I was creating the rest of my life my oldest, closest friend was living the end of hers. In one of her last days she said to one of our greatest friends that "JeLlyn needs love, take care of her." With these words said in her last moments I know it is something her soul holds dear and cares strongly about.

Finding these symbols of love in those random things represents her sending me love. One of the best things is I usually find one in a moment of emotional upset or stress. I then take a deep breath and I believe she is looking out for us.

Our findings symbolize love and the power of the universe or the creativity of the mind. I treasure them always. Hearts have become a popular shape in our life they mean so much more to me then before. Kaya uses them often in her art and appreciates the random find. They remind us of angel Amy.

I have found heart shapes in flower petals, fallen leaves, mud puddles, tree bark and branches, the reflection of light, potato chips, and bagels. Most recently, I OFTEN find them in the rocks that make up my driveway. I can find like 2 to 5 in a week and I am not even really looking just watching the ground as I walk. This is wonderful our environment is surrounded by lots of love, in more ways than one. This is our new home, our first home and she is hear too!

I enjoy sharing my story its sort of a beautiful sadness for me. I hope to open others eyes to finding love in the unexpected. Not just in someone but in something too.

May your day be filled with love of all kinds!

visit here for a touching memorial created in her honor by one of our best friends.

findings continued

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