Tuesday, October 25, 2011

it feels good

  by bayou bohemian
, a photo by bayou bohemian on Flickr.

ya know when there is something you have been wanting and needing to do for a while
like a year
you almost did it a few times but never completed the process
never getting what you needed to make it work
well, hanging these guitars was just that for us
we discussed getting the wall mounts and looked around and priced them
discussed how easy they would be to make but never actually did it
until just a few days ago
I ordered these natural wood mounts on ebay...I just did it already
it sure feels good to have that project finally complete
the guitars out from hiding in their cases
the bulky dark cases out of the corner of the room
and I think they look wonderful in their place
asking to be played

I gotta mention that my skilled hubby made both of these beautiful guitars
years ago before we met when he lived in Montreal to study the art and craft of the luthier
it is a passion of his he holds dear

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