Thursday, May 16, 2013

this boy...

This boy keeps me laughing. He keeps me too busy to do much else these days. He melts my heart at least once a day. He is something special. He is full of personality. He is full of energy. He is full of Please + Thank You. So much life in this creation of ours named Sage.

1. This pic was taken just before he unbuttoned his shirt and wore it like that the rest of the day, hat and all. His poppa took him to the store and he said the ladies were just melting. Uh yeah, he's something else.
2. A little bit of make do gymnastics.  His pop Jim was telling me that at the garden days before he found him in that position but his shoe was stuck and he was hanging there upside down and he said "uh pop Jim can you help me".
3. He IS wearing pants here...on his head. My silly little man.

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