Tuesday, April 9, 2013

our tiny urban farm

We have not a farm but we have dreams of one. A small one. We live in a quaint little neighborhood  only a minutes bike ride from downtown in our overgrowing green yard where we are creating a nice comfy space for ourselves and our children. For the squirrels, cardinals, blue-jays, finches and sparrows, as well as a neighbors cat or two. 

As we welcomed Spring I watched two tiny little birdies work together to build their nest in a handmade birdhouse just outside our back door.  I saw them flying through the air with one tiny branch or leaf clinched in their beak making many trips to and fro.  I was happy to be watching them work like a sweet family nesting for the birth of a new baby.

Just a couple of weeks ago we welcomed our bee hive that we were keeping on a piece of land on the bayou, it's a pleasant sight to watch these creatures do there work. They are rather calm and not at all aggressive. They are busy bees on a mission to collect pollen and make honey. Honey that we enjoy very much.  Just the other morning as I was sipping my coffee out back I watched one travel the Lily's petal to the center as though it was entering a cave, I love to witness that.

This past weekend we brought home our new friend Pedro, a pygmy goat.  He is a sweet little fella, he and Sage are good friends already.  It is so endearing and funny to watch those two play as they do.  It fills me with giggles as I watch my little goldy locks of a boy walk his new tiny hoofed friend down our street. A delightful sight I tell ya.

As of Sunday we even have a rocket ship for imaginary play that Sage inspired by his recent playtime fascinations.  Made completely from salvaged materials and Super Sage loves it.

It's the small things for us and that is sacred to me.

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