Wednesday, April 17, 2013

creating with emotion + love as motivation

"Being the new voice that creates with emotion rather than technical expertise is scary but invigorating."

To create with emotion not technical expertise and to be receiving work from some of great commercial companies W.O.W. !!!! I love this !!!!
'work for imogene + willie'
'work for imogene + willie'
'work for lands end'

"Love has always been my main motivation, not a career. Whether it is love for a person, place, or opportunity. I have moved for all of these things and have no regrets for taking risks."

These words are beautiful! I absolutely resonate with this Love Motivation. To hear it put so matter of fact with such confidence just makes it feel alright even though it may be going against the grain of mainstream and how we have been trained in society. Honestly stunning!

Find the full article on this lovely lady on industry of one an incredible sight of one (wo)man shows. Also find more of her incredible work with a camera here + on her blog.


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