Saturday, April 6, 2013


With Springtime upon us I have not been spending much Time in my studio.  There is some spring cleaning needing to be done and many things to be made but sometimes the Time for that feels hard to come by.
When watching my littles grow Time seems to go by so fast.  Yet another year has passed as recital time is soon approaching and the school year is nearing its end.

I feel like taking this Time with my kiddos. Which can sometimes leave me wondering what I actually accomplished in a day but oh yeh I followed my toddler around most of the day while he did what he was inspired by moment to moment that can take up a lot of my Time. Then I picked up and dropped off, picked up and dropped off, picked up and dropped off my big girl to her schools and lessons.  All Time well spent that can often get lost when considering what I accomplished. Time that is so precious and valuable.

Sometimes unfortunately I am often easily frustrated which is something that I am not happy about but this juggling act can sometimes be a struggle for me. I yearn to create and be inspired and when I am not feeling 'it' I can feel sad inside. But with all the things I need to do there is always going to be at least one thing that falls short, be it the dishes or the laundry or the cleaning or the cooking or exercise or my studio Time.

I think it is important to allow ourselves Time to be in the moment of our emotions and be gentle with ourselves. To own it and except it. To allow it with gentleness and without judgement. A dear friend of mine just gave some great advice to another who was struggling with being snappy and sometimes hurtful because of their own emotions. She told him to be more confident about the way he felt. I think this is great advice because if we could truly own with confidence that we were feeling sad or distant or vulnerable or irritable or anxious and be ok with that and sit with it without judgement just knowing that it was real even though we weren't quite sure why we felt like that, it might save us from maybe taking it out on someone else or lashing out or loosing our cool. Then we  probably would recover from things much quicker and bounce back to our light-hearted, silly selves. That side of ourselves that has a special shine to it.

Here's to taking Time for ourselves, for our children, our families, our needs and our wants. Taking Time to create and to reflect. Taking Time to be silly with friends. Taking Time to laugh and share love.

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  1. great advice! something i needed to hear. i'm going to pin it up as one of my daily reminders :)


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