Monday, April 30, 2012

Festivaaaal...what was captured

World music on 4 stages, crowds of people, water fountains, face paint, bubbles, GREAT friends, yummy food, bright sunshine and smiles, late night bike rides, a little tequila, many laughs and lots of dancin'!

I sure would like to get in the habit of bringing my camera along for these jam packed fun filled long weekends but this year my instagram pics and borrowed pics from my girl Roz who had her camera in those oh so silly and important moments will have to do.

Now we are gearing up for the Bazaar this Friday!


  1. I really wanted to go this year but it wasn't in the cards with hubby being out of town and a work meeting for me. Maybe next year! I'm dying to go.

  2. Look at all the beautiful people!! Seems like so much fun.

    Thought you might be interested in my jewelry and art, feel free to check it out


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