Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Miss Kaya

Now that last weeks anticipation for our big show has come and gone it's on to Kaya's pageant coming up this weekend. Kaya is competing for the Little Miss Lafayette crown this year. Honestly, she gets sincere enjoyment from just walking the stage and hearing her name read aloud.  Two years ago she actually won the title and the crown, a real bonus of course. It's a sweet, simple pageant. No puffy over the top dresses or spray on tans, hardly any makeup even.  Just natural beauty in your Sunday's best.  Kaya absolutely loves the spotlight and I have no problem nurturing a confident young lady who stands proud without jitters among a crowd. The jitters and anxiety I myself am still trying to overcome. Be it dancing across the large stage for her ballet recital, performing her recent piano studies in a smaller more intimate setting or walking and smiling for judges she is unbelievably and thankfully unaffected, cool as a cucumber really.  I admire her barely fazed demeanor about such performances and I surely hope she can hold on to that courage through adolescence.

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