Thursday, April 26, 2012

something great Something for Wildness

"Do something for wildness and make the mountains glad" - John Muir

If you have ever had the pleasure to visit and experience even one of our great national parks then you would probably agree they are one of our countries best ideas yet.  I ask you to please watch this video and learn more about this great project. Two of my sweetest, most brilliant friends are doing 'something for wildness' and they could use a little help from us. Their genuine passion for creativity in all of its forms is honestly breathtaking to the point of tear jerking, immensely touching, truly admirable. If you would like to help 'make the mountains glad' please take a moment and maybe share a few bills if you can to kickstart something great, something for wildness!  Every little bit always helps.

National Parks are important because they help us remember who we were, who we are, and who we will be. These beautiful places help us remember what we’ve already done, and what we need to accomplish to make life better for our future generations. These wonderful historic places help us to understand the diversity of our country and how it came to be...National Parks are like pages of a scrapbook that give us good and bad memories of our land, our culture, our diversity and our being...National Parks are the icing on the cake, the chocolate chips in the cookies, the pepperoni on the pizza. We must fight for what we are most truly devoted to and show what being a country truly is. National Parks are important and we must show that they are. We are a Nation and we must show it through our National Parks. Only then can we really know who we were, are, and will become.”- 11 year old child: Ramona Leanna Watson from Flint, Michigan who was a winner for the National Park Foundation Junior Ranger essay

“In wildness is the preservation of the world.”—Henry David Thoreau

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