Monday, April 9, 2012

a busy weekend

What a weekend! Our first fashion show event, pop-up boutique on location and Easter family celebrations all in two days. To top it all off I seemed to have contacted a 12 hour stomach bug less than 24 hours from our big event.  It was awful but I survived. I pulled through strong enough to handle the  chaotic loading, unloading and setting up of my display for vending while also getting my designs loaded, unloaded and ready for the runway. As well as oversee hair and makeup for my models, give a run through for all the beautiful, kind ladies struttin' their stuff in the over 40 looks. I am so thankful my fellow bohos did such a great job with setting up most everything that morning while I rested. A task I usually handle, I seem to take control over the details but this stands as an important lesson for me.
Sheesh!  The fast pace and chaos of the rhythm of a fashion show.  It's intense but it feels so good when its done and it was a huge success.  Our first fashion show was a great success. Lots of people showed their support and the show went flawlessly.  In the over stimulating busyness of it all I did not take even one picture, something I'm kicking myself for now but I was absolutely overwhelmed.  My sis took the first one above of my models in their first look followed by a lil' sample of pics from the other bohos collections. We did have a professional capture the event I am anxious and excited to get my eyes on those and to share.  We also had a dear friend get some video footage of the show, that I hope to see this week and maybe I will share that too!!

You can find one of our guest designers post on the event here!

>>> stay tuned folks <<<

As you can see I got lots of pictures of our Easter with family 'the calm after the storm'.  Celebrating with traditions. Boiled crawfish, the egg hunt, and a game of croquet.

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