Saturday, September 22, 2012

at home in the garden

Spring is easily my favorite season but the little introductions of crisp air, especially in the mornings, makes me happy to welcome Fall. Eager even.  It is so refreshing to feel the air cooling off. Being that I spent many years on the sunny coast of southern California where pretty much everyday feels like this, these are my favorite kind of days!  Inspiring, motivating and just plain lovely. Naturally.

My garden is growing over with the wonderful Cosmo. I seeded a few areas a couple years back and its popping up all over our backyard, making its own place.  I love the wispy wild & free way about them and the bold orange of its blooms. The morning glory vine that I have never seeded or planted is volunteering itself and taking over too, smothering some of my chosen plantings. That I don't like so much! I honestly don't know much about plants and gardening, not more than what I like and love really. I enjoy following my intuition and doing what feels right. I like to take the seeds that have dried on the flowers center and spread it throughout the garden with anticipation of where it might grow-up. I revel in Sage's innocent play with worms or as he calls 'em snakes. Lately he is getting such sincere excitement with those crawlers, he lightens me up with a smile. Ahh playing & working with nature. Real joy.

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