Friday, September 14, 2012

fall returns

As we settle into our school year routine, the air cools and the leaves begin to slowly fall I am slowly getting back to work in the studio.  I have many new ideas to create like rag braid wrap bracelets, comfy, organic palazzo pants and vine wrapped dream catchers among others.  I have a new collection of beautiful rocks and crystals waiting to be something beautiful and worn to make someone feel beautiful.  I am working on my TRI.bal collection for f/w. Copper diamonds with crystal points, pyrite and leather remnants.  A variety of TRIangles to adorn the ear.  
I also have several curtain panels to complete. My part in helping to make some of my dearest friends brand new house a home.  Its a brand new house to them but its an authentic Acadian style home thats been around for generations. They have brought it back to life in their own way and after months of preparation they are moving in this week.  I am so happy for them and I happy for me that they will be so close now.
A current project I am excited about...a much needed purge. I will successfully clean my closet space (home+studio). This is a project that feels like it lives on forever but this time I want to make an impressive dent in all this stuff. There are so many things I have held onto for way to long and I am finally ready to discard much of it.  Lighten the load and organize the chaos.  The little I have done so far feels so good.  I am thinking of a closet a $1 a piece?!

Lets not forget the important shop update I need/want to do so badly.  I will set aside the consuming time to photograph, edit and upload that overwhelming overflow of creations waiting for a home.


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