Thursday, September 27, 2012

over the lake and through the woods

We took a tiny trip north to the forest.  It was a quiet weekend (except for Sage's cries echoing over the lake and through the woods).  We made smores. We fished. We walked. We gathered firewood. We cooked by campfire (which was Kaya's favorite part). We kayaked Lake Valentine (which was Sage's favorite part hands down).  We slept under the trees under the stars.  We rested. We camped. We welcomed Autumn perfectly (and honestly we were not even aware at the time that that very night was the fall equinox).

I had not been to this particular spot in nearly 30 years and I have very special memories of going there with my mom as a child. Things looked much the same but completely different too.  We visited nearby campsites as well, like a mini tour of the southern part of Kistachie National Forest.  We are all looking forward to more short weekend adventures in Kistachie and experiencing little bits of our great state as a family.
that's our spot across the lake in the middle...can you see it?
 can you see the struggle here... sheesh
 Sage took this pic through the tent in the morning. I like it.
It's moments like this that make it all worthwhile, to watch him play with his 'tick' in the fire. Innocent, natural child's play in the forest.

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