Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some of my favorites

One of my recent favorite blogs to visit is enhabiten. I just find myself filled with interest and inspiration when scrolling through her images of a primitive lifestyle. Like these simple, old, handmade, rustic lived-in homes.

j. morgan puett
I have seen this artist before and was intrigued by the natural wildness, the simple old worldness, the organic rawness. There is just something about it all that is so inviting to me! Enhabiten has brought j. morgan puett back to me, give her website a visit.

The above is a collaboration of enhabiten and another of my favorites forestbound. This is just a few images from a booth they have set up together at Renegade, a yearly craft fair in Brooklyn. I love the use of old medicine bottles and all the old wood displays. Ideas of recycling something old to create something beautiful are filling my mind. Plus, all of forestbound's bags and jewelry are mostly recycled with a history. She has a strongly primitive style with rustic, utilitarian influences and I LOVE it!

*I have only posted a couple of many images, click around for your own inspiration*
You can visit and/or shop them at: OR OR

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