Friday, June 14, 2013

California Dreaming

Northern California here we come!!!! The tickets are purchased and we are headed to Cali for a family road trip. We will visit family and friends that are pretty much family. I am so heavenly excited to be taking this long awaited adventure with my hubby and our littles. I have dreamed of this trip. I love that part of the country. Majestic forests of gigantic old growth trees. Crystal clear flowing rivers for cleansing the spirit. Winding roads for daydreaming. Progressive minds and alternative lifestyles. We are going even beyond where I have been before, we will be heading north along the coast to Portland, OR. Maybe even hitting up a festival I have dreamed of attending for many years. 

Dreams do come true folks though it often takes courage to follow them through.  I say this from personal experience. I have dealt with many feelings of doubt and fear, feelings that are not completely invisible even yet but I am/will overcome those feelings of self suppression. I am pushing aside the barriers of my daily  trivial self and I am taking the plunge into the dream.  If I can do it You can do it...

Here's to making our dreams our reality!

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