Thursday, September 8, 2011

put to good use

shop here

I just thought this was such a creative way to display antique or vintage pieces
while allowing them to be useful and serve a purpose
these are both available on etsy I happened upon them while clicking around
and I was drawn to post because it's such a simple idea with rustic vintage charm
my favorite!

I actually have one of those old mechanic light cases just sitting in a drawer...hmm
and just earlier today I had my eye on this small (about 12"x12") square piece of tin with a rusty patina
sitting in a pile in our backyard and I thought to myself that would make a good magnet board in my studio space the same space I have spent the last few days rearranging...
this cooler weather we have had certainly 'opens doors' for new inspiration to come blowing on in

I hope your day finds the 'doors open'

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