Wednesday, December 21, 2011

undoubtedly exceptional

i'm proud to say this is not only the work of a local artist but a special friend as well
he has taken an unusually original concept and created something undoubtedly exceptional

purely intricate 
a stunning representation of recycling
he uses vintage labels of beer, beans, shampoos, creams

what a reflection of patience and "precision"
i mean wowsers

an explanation of his work in his own words
"My work is made from vintage product labels I purchase in unused bundles. I cut and arrange this material onto flat surfaces (paper, canvas, or wood) to produce artwork that appear woven. I use repetition, pattern, precision, and scale to distract from the original purpose of the label to sell a product. The material is deconstructed through cutting or shredding and the essential elements of color, shape, and line are utilized in a new way. The immediacy of the graphic label is substituted with aesthetic sensation and contemplation. There is a certain mischievous pleasure in the process of this transformation, and at the same time, a kind of meditation. "

i find 'a kind of meditation' in admiring their flawless beauty
don't you?

find your favorite here (its hard to choose just one as a favorite)

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