Thursday, December 15, 2011

today was a good day

already... and its only just past noon

in addition to getting kaya off to school
conquering that overflowing sink of dishes
and doing a load of laundry (ya know the everyday basics)
i successfully, single handedly (plus 2 very little hands), nearly completely closed in our lil' addition
i'm pretty good in the kitchen (when i want to be) and i ain't bad with power tools either
if i say so myself...insert pat on back here
this project has been lurking, only progressing like one sunday every month and a half
aka kinda drivin' me crazy
there are still many steps remaining till completion
but today was a very productive day and i'm quite happy about that
i think my favorite part was sage being such a good boy staying occupied and satisfied
only running off two or three times in the four or so hours i worked
it makes my heart melt a little to see him play quietly and happily in his own little world
it makes my spirit smile to be able to focus on a project while he plays aside me independently
he even lent a hand when needed and actually served very helpful for a two year old
now that he sleeps and quiet time has officially began what will i do next?

>>> i hope you're having a good day too <<<

ps. here is some of what is inspiring our lil' addition
a place to work with cloth and dye
a place to shelter a few plants from the cold

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